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Instant Ride

Need a quick lift? With Weride, our instant ride feature ensures you get where you need to be swiftly and conveniently, just like that.


Share rides and costs with others going your way, reducing traffic and emissions for a greener commute.


Weride offers hassle-free inter-city travel. Book comfortable rides between cities with trusted drivers, ensuring a smooth journey.


Logistics in WeRide optimizes freight management with efficient route planning and timely delivery, ensuring cost-effective solutions for businesses.


Freight services on WeRide offer streamlined logistics, ensuring efficient transport and timely deliveries tailored to business needs.
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Driving Towards Carbon-Free Solutions

WeRide Green Initiative

Introducing WeRide's new green initiative! Join us in eco-friendly carpooling, ridesharing, and logistics solutions for a sustainable future. Let's make a positive impact together!

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I rely on WeRide for all my logistics needs. They're reliable, efficient, and always go the extra mile to meet deadlines.

Aisha Dental hygienist

WeRide handles our deliveries seamlessly every time. Their attention to detail make them my top choice for freight services.

Emeka Park ranger

Using WeRide for ridesharing and freight has been a game-changer. Their drivers are courteous and ensures smooth operations.

Fatima Computer engineer

WeRide exceeded my expectations with their carpooling and logistics services. They offer competitive pricing.

Ibrahim Building labourer

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